What's New in Visual Time Sheet v3.4?

The main features in this release is the ability for default billing types and rates to be associated with Clients and Projects, and small internal changes to Visual Time Sheet to better support the software's use with the Dropbox online file sharing service.

Billing Information

When a time block is created, the billing information defaults to the user's personal settings. Once a Client and Project are assigned to the time entry, the billing information changes to any default for the Project or Client (if there is no Project default). Users can always modify the default values assigned to a time entry.

Contract-type billing information now also provides an optional reference field, to allow contracts to be more clearly identified. The new reference field can be optionally displayed on printed billing reports, is included in exported report files, and is available for selection in Export Formats.

Default billing information for the user has been extended to allow the full range of types, rates and contract reference data to be specified. An option allows users to choose if Contract reference information is displayed (when available).

Dropbox Support

A new configuration utility assists users to configure Visual Time Sheet with Dropbox file locations. This allows an individual user to have their time records available on multiple computers (when Dropbox files are synchronised).

Other Improvements

This release also includes some small enhancements and addresses some minor issues.



> Days at the end of the previous month and the beginning of the next month can now be selected directly from the Calendar.

> Users can choose to have a small symbol display on those days with hours. A problem with how the symbol displayed on the last day of the month has been repaired.


Select Print Report Form


> The button used to select the current week (from the main Calendar selection) has been enlarged to aid usability.

> The Weekly Activity Report can now be filtered by Clients, Projects and Chargeability.

> Selecting the Weekly Activity Report forces the date range to the current selected week (from the main Calendar).

> The Daily Hours Report now advises when there are no hours to report.


Configuration Utility


> In addition to the new Dropbox Utility, the general Configuration Utility has been improved to simplify the creation of workgroups and redirected file locations.




> Clicking on 'Billing:' on the Main Form provides privacy by hiding billing details.

> The incorrect screen positioning of several forms on multi-monitor systems has been addressed.

> Server admin settings are written to the initialisation file to improve consistency for subsequent stand-alone operations.

> The start day of week can now be modified when an incomplete block is on the Main Form.

> Quit button repositioned to maintain correct spacing from Main Form edge.

> Report Preview zoom now sizes correctly on different monitors.

> Width of Export Format list on Setup Form has been increased for layout consistency.

> Help Form for What's New is now positioned over the Main Form (rather than beside it).

> Most file operations now support retries to better support Dropbox operations.

> Redirection and directory management handling has been modified to improve consistency of behaviour.



Note for Upgrades from Prior Versions

This release improves the consistency of file-handling under different deployment scenarios. If Visual Time Sheet is currently deployed in a non-standard way, it may be relying on the previous (inconsistent) behaviour. Please contact us if the 3.4.0 release does not connect correctly with your existing data or configuration files.

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