Previous Releases (since January 2003)

Version 3.5.0
released 23 September 2019

Supports closer relationships between projects and categories. See What's New? for more details.

Version 3.4.9
released 1 March 2016

Retains active status of projects and activities when projects and activities under the same client/category are deleted.

Version 3.4.8
released 20 January 2016

Active status of projects and activities are now retained when changes are made to clients and categories.

Version 3.4.7
released 28 October 2014

Address issues for work group users with different decimal symbol settings, and inconsistent display of selected currency symbol.

Version 3.4.6
released 12 October 2014

Add ability to restrict visibility of users and billing information in work group reporting; improved error handling for initialisation files and Administration data.

Version 3.4.5
released 23 March 2014

Address issue with File Not Found error on start-up.

Version 3.4.4
released 29 December 2012

Adjust scaling of Main Form detail area controls and search panel radio buttons under non-standard screen DPI settings.

Version 3.4.3
released 2 December 2012

Improve consistency of rounding in reports; provide option to use locale or Mon-Sun for days of week; resize controls in details area on Main Form resize; stop reload of block details when same client or project selected.

Version 3.4.2
released 9 October 2012

Repair defect in export start date (export format reports); minor repair to calendar day name display.

Version 3.4.1
released 29 April 2012

Repair validation of currency symbol and Clients without Projects on Setup form.

Version 3.4.0
released 14 January 2012

Default billing information for Clients, Projects and Users; new utility and small changes for Dropbox support; improved Configuration Utility; minor repairs and enhancements. 

Version 3.3.4
released 11 May 2010

Improved support for multiple monitors.

Version 3.3.3
released 24 November 2009

Changes to handle system dates in format '24-Nov-09'.

Version 3.3.2
released 14 November 2009

New Main form icons, flat controls for search, repair tab order error, fix help file page not found, change new installation help/tips display.

Version 3.3.1
released 21 August 2008

Correct tabs in pasted remark text, minor interface improvements, new installer (from 15 Oct 09).

Version 3.3.0
released 27 July 2008

Provides support for Vista installation.
NOTE: This version (and subsequent versions) changed where data files are stored on all Windows machines (not just Vista).

Version 3.2.3
released 21 March 2008

Minor file-handling changes.

Version 3.2.2
released 21 October 2007

User-defined export data formats, marking of days that have time entries.

Version 3.1.5
released 14 November 2006

To only show active clients for multi-user reports (when option selected).

Version 3.1.4
released 23 October 2006

To include consolidation by Category and Activity on the Weekly Activity Report.

Version 3.1.3
released 23 September 2006

New calendar can be customised, day view zoom, improved scrolling and block re-sizing, new time formating (forms and reports), multi-line remarks, active status for clients/projects/categories/activities, file-locking for workgroup administrators, report filters not case-sensitive, exported reports include start and end times, more frequent data saves, improved multi-monitor support, minor issues have been repaired. (New help file).

Version 3.0.5
released 9 October 2005

Prevents issue on some operating systems when application closes after Tips with an expired evaluation.

Version 3.0.4
released 24 September 2005

Form sizing under large fonts and licence agreement.

Version 3.0.3
released 3 May 2005

Extended billing values not reported correctly for consolidated hours. Undo issues. Minor problems with time block display on selection. Column spacing for charge extension improved on billing reports. Clients/Projects/Categories & Activities refresh when Setup form opened. Extended drop-down lists for Time Report form. What's New changed to offer display on major releases only.

Version 3.0.2
released 19 March 2005

Individual Projects not available in single-user reporting. Ctrl+ shortcuts edit drop-down lists as well as selected block.

Version 3.0.1
released 16 March 2005

List of Clients not available in workgroup reporting. Main form not returning to correct size on launch. Form sizing with display set to large fonts. Registration messages.

Version 3.0.0
released 16 March 2005

A major update adding billing information and HTML-based help. Requires IE3.02 or higher and Microsoft HTML Help

Version 2.2.0
released 30 July 2004

Ability to search for time entries. (New help file)

Version 2.1.11
released 27 June 2004

Support for A4 and Letter paper. Batch printing of individual reports. Option to enable/disable hints. (New help file)

Version 2.1.10
released 15 April 2004

Allows report periods to be selected by week number (week number is also printed on reports). (New help file)

Version 2.1.9
released 7 March 2004

Redesigned form for selecting users to be included in workgroup reporting. When more than one user is included in a report, a list of names is now printed at the end of the report. Allows a printer to be selected for reporting. (New help file)

Version 2.1.8
released 29 February 2004

Provides support for new time units (6 and 10 minutes), control of column spacing in reports and the reporting of overtime, enhanced menu and keyboard support for moving and re-sizing time blocks. (New help file)

Version 2.1.7
released 4 October 2003

Repairs fault which allows clients/projects and categories/activities at the start of the tree to be lost when list is large.

Version 2.1.6
released 15 May 2003

Allows Work Group users to record hours when off-line. Confirmation of delete operations user-configurable. Improved clipboard handling. (New help file)

Version 2.1.5
released 29 April 2003

Adds support for INI file redirection and sub-totals in Client/Project Activity report.

Version 2.1.4
released 24 February 2003

Repairs a 'Time Encode' error when attempting to report on time blocks that run up to midnight.

Version 2.1.3
released 23 February 2003

Production release of 2.1.2. Minor menu and help file changes.

Version 2.1.2 (Beta)
released 15 January 2003

Contains improved keyboard support and a new feature, the 'Favourite' activity. Users can no longer create incomplete time blocks to simplify the management of workgroup reporting. A fault that prevented workgroup reporting for the administrator has been repaired. (New help file).

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