Using Visual Time Sheet With Dropbox


Dropbox is a online file storage service that uses cloud storage to enable users to store and share their files on the Internet using file synchronisation.

Visual Time Sheet can be configured to use a Dropbox folder for its data files. This allows a user to operate the Visual Time Sheet application from different computers and have up-to-date time records synchronised between the machines by Dropbox.


Configuring VTS for Dropbox


Install Dropbox on all the machines intended for use and enable the user's Dropbox account (if not already in place).


Install Visual Time Sheet on all the machines intended for use with the standard VTS software download (if version 3.4.0 or higher is not already installed).


Run the Visual Time Sheet Dropbox Configuration Utility (available for download on the right) on each machine. This will allow you to configure Visual Time Sheet to use the Dropbox location on each computer. Any existing local data files will be copied to the Dropbox location.

Note 1.
Dropbox synchronisation requires the user to operate a Dropbox account (free or subscription) and internet access for Dropbox on all machines. If files are not properly synchronised, Visual Time Sheet data may be lost.

Note 2.
Always allow Dropbox to finish synchronisation of Visual Time Sheet files before shutting down the computer or using Visual Time Sheet from another Dropbox location.

Note 3.
Using Visual Time Sheet with Dropbox does not change or prevent the software's use in a Workgroup.


Utility Download

Dropbox Configuration Utility

Windows application
Can be run from a user's desktop or deployed using parameters from media (e.g. CD) or a central server.


Configuration utilities are supplied uncompressed and ready to execute after download.

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